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The Learn to Cope Forum, also referred to as the Discussion Board, can be a valuable resource for information and support.  The Forum is strictly for families and friends that have a loved one who has or is struggling with substance use disorder.  Currently, the Forum is 12,000 members strong.  Please note, ALL registrations are reviewed by a Learn to Cope administrator before access is granted (this may take up to 24 hours). You will receive an email to validate your registration request, once approved you will be notified by email.

There are 2 main discussion boards

General Discussion

For general information, topics, discussions, and support.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

For grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

**PLEASE NOTE, when picking a “DISPLAY NAME” do not use your First and Last name as that is what will be seen by others.  Instead, create a unique display name to protect your anonymity.

Once your registration is accepted, take a minute to read the post pinned in the RED bar at the top of Discussion Board:  Discussion Board Information for New Members.  This will help you understand how to navigate the Forum.

For additional information or assistance registering for the LTC Forum, please email us.