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Grief Resources

Grief Essentials

The death of a beloved person can be a very distressing experience, and understanding how to cope with grief in general can be helpful regardless of the circumstances of the person’s death. There are some common factors that distinguish the experience of grief after a death from substance use (accidental overdose, or other accident, suicide, homicide, or medical complication) from other kinds of grief.

(In Part 1 & Part 2 of an article on this topic, read comments from others who have experienced this kind of loss.)

Grief Support

Please contact LTC's consultant for peer grief support, Franklin Cook, to learn more about grief resources and assistance. Franklin collaborates with SADOD (Support After a Death by Overdose) and other community partners to offer bereaved people extra help after a substance-use death. SADOD also offers Learn to Cope Members from Massachusetts one on one peer grief support through its Peer Grief Ally Program (Massachusetts only).

Download Peer Grief Ally Postcard

Email Franklin at or call him at 857-760-0310.